Company Registration Zimbabwe

Private Limited Company (PLC) & Private Business Corporation (PBC)

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certificate of incorporation for PLC zimbabwe
memorandum of association zimbabwe

PLC Details

PLC is best suited for medium to large enterprise. It has a legal persona of its own separate from its owners. Can have a maximum of 50 directors. Shareholders are owners and they can appoint different directors. Organisations can also be shareholders. It is supposed to produce annual returns. It offers limited liability to owners.

PBC Details

PBC is mainly for small to medium businesses and sole traders. It can have a maximum of 20 directors and comprises of members. Does not need annual returns, financial returns and articles of association.

PLC & PBC Requirements

Note that PBC have only one object as compared to PLC.

Tax Consultancy in Zimbabwe

ZIMRA Registration, Tax Returns & Tax Clearance

ITF263 Tax clearance certificate

Tax Clearance Certificate is issued by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). Income tax registration is mandatory for all companies doing business in Zimbabwe.Businesses are required to register for tax and comply with all the obligations imposed by the Income Tax Act [Chapter 23:06] (“Income Tax Act”).

A business cannot file tax returns without registering for tax.All clients, including individuals, companies, partnerships and cooperatives who want to venture into any business are required to register with ZIMRA.

Zimra Registration & Tax Clearance Certificate


Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ)


If you need your company to be involved in public tenders, compete for big business and to supply the government and any agencies or institutions that the government controls (eg The City Council) you need to register with PRAZ for the category of goods/services under which that tender falls. PRAZ is responsible for controlling and regulating the procurement processes of government departments, ministries and parastatals.