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Digital Marketing Explained

Buyer Persona

We help you come up with your perfect customer through market research and your experiences in your business. The Buyer Persona Template should include a picture of your client, gender, age, location, relationship status, work, interests, behaviours, web history and search terms.

Furthermore we help you come up with a story which identifies the problems your potential customers are having, what’s holding them back to move forward and achieve their goals. And how your company product and services can help your potential customers to reach their goals.

Business Branding

Branding comes first before Marketing because branding lasts and marketing changes. We assist you to come up with a branding strategy so that you stand out from competitors, guide your marketing strategy, engage with customers and to keep customers loyal.

Business Branding templates include Brand Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Competition, Differentiator, Positioning, Personality, Voice, Story, Name, Tagline, Colors, Fonts and Logo.

Google My Business

  • Google My Business is a local online directory listing that can help your brand shine with Local Search. According to this internet report 46% of searches on Google are local searches. If you are a business and you don’t have your local Search Engine Optimazation in order, you are missing out on an opportunity every time someone perform a local search in your area for your products or services your are offering.

    Google My Business will give you instant access to appear on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and Google Maps (Snack Pack). Furthermore you have access to an interactive listing that also allows you to post updates, add products, post offers with your customers online and even create a shop.

Website Design & Development

Litfy Africa has more than 7 years in web design and development. We can help you come up with a website that is professional, responsive, user friendly and visible to search engines. Our goal with websites is not just the looks but making sure its a digital marketing platform that will catapult you to greater heights by making sure it will rank in the top 3 in your industry for relevant keywords. Your website should work together with all your social media accounts and listings to help you get more leads and increase your sales. To ensure we offer a complete digital marketing solution and that your website becomes the platform you need for success we offer several services to ensure you win with your website.

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Domain Name Registration

Litfy Africa helps you choose a domain name that is relevent depending on your brand name or the services or products you offer so that it can also work for your on search engine optimisation. We also help you setup professional emails like Your domain name is like your National ID or physical address on the Internet. Something unique that identifies you on the Internet.


Every website needs a hosting account. Hosting is where you will store your website files and other relevant material. We choose hosting accounts that are within your country and fast because this will have an influence on SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

We create sitemaps for your website to make it easy for customers to understand your website structure and also search engines to easier crawl your website for indexing.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media accounts are very important way of engaging with your customers and do business because of the number of users on social media. Not all social media accounts will work for every business but its vital that you register on all top social media accounts and find out the ones to pursue. We usually recommend a maximum of 3 social media accounts that works for you. In addition to advertisements using the below social platforms we also experiment with TikTok, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Facebook Advertising

We help you create your facebook page, boost likes, upload profile cover image & logo, write compelling about section and connect with your facebook audience. We help you manage your facebook account in the event that you are busy and not very technical.

Whatsapp Business Advertising

We help business setup professional Whatsapp Business accounts to interact with customers. The Whatsapp Business acoount with provide relevant information to customers and align with all brands across social media and company website.

Whatsapp Business also allows you to even create a shop catalogue where customers will be able to buy from your via whatsapp.

LinkedIn Advertising

Litfy Africa can assist you to create an optimised linkedin profile and implement valuable connections. We also help you with inMail Hacks, create relevant viral posts and create a company page.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Marketing service deals with profile setup, advice on twitter accounts to follow, optimisation profile, help with what to post, proper use of Hashtags, polls, pinned tweets, influencers and customer acquisition.

Instagram Advertising

Litfy Africa help brands grow on Instagram using different types of accounts available. We can create an instagram business accounts for you whether you are a business or a skilled individual who wants to create their own personal brand.

Moreover we create your accounts to look professional. Nailing your biography and including appropriate hashtags is of uttermost importance.

YouTube Advertising

Whether you are a small business owner, artist, content producer, tutor, skilled individual etc we have a team of skilled and certified YouTube experts who can help you setup an impressive YouTube Channel. We assist you with setting up a YouTube account you can monetize, that is friendly to your subscibers, copyright issues and keeping engagement high on your channel for you to succeed on YouTube

We are not Just A Digital Marketing Agency But School Of
Digital Marketing

Why Choose Litfy Africa For Your Digital Marketing

We provide you a complete solution not just half measures. And partnering with us is a big investment for you because we are committed to you as long as it takes to see you win and increase your sales. Litfy Africa also assist you with business systems that will increase your conversation rate of turning leads into paying customers.

We will continually work on your digital marketing platforms until they are producing the results that you can be proud of. To ensure your success before we even start marketing your products and services we do a thorough research in your industry to identity way to beat your competition online and also help you create a buyer persona and branding template if you don't have one.

Furthermore we guarantee your website will look beautiful, will be user friendly both to your customers and search engines like Google & Bing, will have a fast loading time which influence SEO, mobile friendly and responsive. Our annual fee includes maintanance of your website without any additional fees. To keep track of our progress we measure your website performance using Google Analytics. We also submit your website to Google Console to ensure it's known by Google fast and use the analytics provided to measure progress and made necessary adjustments.

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