Software Design & Development Harare Zimbabwe

Litfy Africa provides software design and development services that range from E-commerce websites, Web & Mobile applications, Web Based Point of Sale and SME Management Software. We are not limited to these services only and we have a team of talented software developers who can take any project based on your requirements.

We can design a system for you using a software development methodology called Agile. This allow us to develop your software quickly by understanding your problem and making a prototype in the shortest possible time while making improvements and functionality as we move forward.

In E-commerce we also ensure that your website is friendly to search engines like Google driving traffic for sales to your online store. Furthermore we help small business owners implement Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) management software that allow they to run their businesses sucessfully from inventory, tracking of revenue, credits, net profit etc

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E-commerce Websites

We offer several web applications from e-commerce, web based point of sales (POS) to SMEs Management systems. E-commerce services allow you to utilize the Internet to sell your products online. We offer backend for these e-commerce services to allow you to generate reports & manage your e-commerce business effectively. We develop mobile applications that will work for Android, iOS and Windows from a single codebase.

Web Based Point of Sale

Our Web based POS solutions are very affordable and do not need too many hardware requirements to implement them in your business. Whether you have a grocery shop, boutique, restaurant we can help you setup a reliable system that can work offline and online. We usually help you with digital marketing services free of charge to help you get discovered when you purchase our POS solutions.

SME's Management Systems

Although sectors differ in general almost all SME's Management Systems cover issues like tracking inventory, sales, credits and profit. Using Artificial Intelligence we also analyse your business and give you graph and reports on how your business is performing. We offer business intelligence that help owners and management make wise decisions and improve business results.

Mobile & Web App Development

Mobile App Development

With mobile penetration in Zimbabwe at an all time high smart mobile phone usage is now on the rise. Being a Mobile-First in both your web development and applications to solve customer problems can be a great investment. Furthermore with more people using the Internet it's important to grab this opportunity, and reach more customers.

Web App Development

Web Applications are just websites that solve specific problems and have alot of functionality as compared to simple websites. With web apps a user can register, login and do specific tasks depending on the problem the application is supposed to solve.

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